Thursday, October 27, 2005

MC - The Degradation of the Incarnation

As Lewis finishes a discussion on the humility Christ showed by coming to earth as a human, he says
If you want to get the hang of [the humility needed for Christ to become human], think how you would like to become a slug or a crab.
This short, seemingly "off hand" comment made a point that I had always "known" truly come alive for me. While, on one hand, I understand that Christ had given up His heavenly glory to come and become a man, I subconsciously figured that the actual birth and life as a human could not be too terrible--after all, that's what I am! I did not realize how thoroughly this idea had pervaded my thinking until Lewis' words showed me, in some small way, the degree that Christ humbled Himself.

Whenever I think of slugs, I always think of these huge pots we used to have in our front yard. Slugs would climb up the pot and would eat at whatever flowers Mom had planted in the pot. In an effort to dissuade them, we set out jelly roll pans full of salted beer. (I guess beer attracts the slugs, and then the salt kills them.) Slugs are disgusting, slimey, and pretty dumb, since they would jump into those pans and essentially kill themselves.

I cannot fathom loving a slug. Slugs destroyed what Mom had created. I cannot fathom becoming a slug. Slugs were nasty. And yet, we committed a sin infinitely more heinous than eating flowers when we sinned against a holy God. Let us never forget the amazing sacrifice Christ made by "[becoming] flesh and [dwelling] among us."

Depth of mercy -- can there be?
Mercy still reserved for me?
God, the Just, His wrath forebears
Me, the chief of sinners, spares!
-Charles Wesley


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